September 28, 2016

A quick trip to Vermont for labor and a few Fall colors

The insurance co. asked me to install some handrails at the house in VT. I'd already planned a quick trip up to see some of the Fall foliage. I ended up spending most of my time laboring. My duties ranged from replacing 9V batteries in smoke detectors, installing a Wi-Fi extender... and drilling holes for anchors in the granite block out front for handrail installation. That stuff is hard as a rock! I went through several masonry bits and spent hours on the hammer-drill. It was not an easy task.

I did manage to squeak out a couple hours for sightseeing and a quick bike ride. All pics were taken with an iPhone 6. I was a bit early for the peak Fall colors, maybe next year...

lamoille valley vermont fall 2016 


Joe's Brook Vermont fall 2016 


Joe's Brook VT fall 2016 


lamoille valley hardwick vermont vt fall 2016 


LVRT Hardwick Vermont VT fall 2016 


September 19, 2016

Two sides of table, coming up!

A guest at the house in Vermont suggested the blue room was too sparse. He specifically suggested two chairs, and two bedside tables.

mcm side table modern

I've made the two bedside tables, mostly from extra materials. The legs come off and the two tables will fit together to comply with carry-on luggage regulations.  


Now I just need to pack them up and take them to Vermont.  

Pierre Koenig and Gerald McCabe case study house 21 stereo 

September 12, 2016

Lederhosen and river soakin', Fall arrives to Texas Hill Country (Tesla X edition)

tesla x and airstream in the texas hill country with lederhosen

We lured another Tesla to our Wimberley camp. A Model X no less. 

oktoberfest real ale blanco tx

It was an Oktoberfest themed 20th anniversary party at Real Ale Brewing in Blanco TX. 


lederhosen at the real ale brewery oktoberfest 20th anniversary party  

heady topper in the blanco river wimberley texas 

We spent the hotter portion of the afternoon soaking in the Blanco River. I still have a few Heady Toppers left from my last Vermont trip.  

in the blanco river with my alchemist heady topper

and in BBQ news... We tried Terry Black's Barbecue 

Terry Black's BBQ Brisket Austin TX 

The brisket was good. I don't think it's better than Rudy's, but in the same range of goodness. Not quite as good as Franklin, but pretty close. We had no line to wait in and it's pretty near to our home.  


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