November 17, 2019

The Lazarus Effect

lazarus garden

I call this Kat's Lazarus garden. She takes the end bits of green onion and places them in a shallow bowl of water. They soon regrow to be planted in the garden. She also has some radish and leek reviving. Some farmer grows them, we buy them from the store. We eat most of them, and REgrow them to have a second life in our garden. The Sony full frame camera is back in action. We've found a solution to the DPF issue on our BMW XD diesel, AND my computer is fixed! It was the power source. Cheap and relatively simple repair thanks to my Computer Tech wife. That is a lot of renewal and second chances for one week.

lazarus computer 

cheese board deluxe 

First round of the Holiday Season feasting was a success.  

potato leek soup with crispy potato floaters 

Kat made a delicious Potato Leek Soup, I provided crispy potato floaters. I also made a load of braised lam shanks. The people were well fed last night! 

braised lamb shanks


We've enjoyed the cooler weather by getting good use of the fireplace.  

kay-so the cat by the fireplace austin modhouse 

sausage casing light fixture 

My third big project for my 3D design class. I'm not entirely thrilled with it. My professor agreed I could've done better.  

sausage casing art paul schuster 

It was more of a proof of concept. The illuminated portions are wire coated with natural sausage casings. The vegetarian in my class was less than thrilled with my project.  

natural sausage casing art light fixture  

ipa beer blend 

My best discovery this week.... the Tupps TDH IPA #15 was really good, but too dry. The PHP Silky Mittens DIPA was OK, and too sweet. BUT! when the two are combined.... that's world class beer.  

November 11, 2019

Mostly not so great...

My computer is still out of commission. That hampers my photoshop editing tool. I did get my Sony full frame camera back, they refurbished it for a hefty fee. I promptly listed it on ebay. The final amount was not much more than the cost of refurbishment....  I was expecting more. But the buyer never paid, so I can't be too unhappy about that. It's been a week, I guess I'll cancel the transaction and rethink my life.

sodom city guide sculpture acc design 2 

My 3D Design class project was accepted to a school juried art show/competition. We all went for the opening reception.

austin community college art program 

highland acc sculpture classroom  

#2 son was excited to see my desk in the Sculpture department. He used his ipad camera to see over the diffused glass.

2019 bmw x5 540i 

Our beloved X5 535D is ill. We've gone so many great distances in that vehicle (several summer trips to Vermont, Maine, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island). They gave us a really nice 2019 X5 loaner. We really liked this X5 540i. It's notably quicker, more comfortable and so many fun features.

bmw x5 540i 2019 back seat 

The car has it's own wifi hotspot. The kids were impressed.  

bmw engagement ring  

We found this lovely rock of an engagement ring in our loanerX5. This was no great windfall as I promptly contacted my service advisor to return it. I was told the lady that misplaced it had been in tears.  I received with many great thanks from the service department, along with a hefty estimate to repair our car.

new braunfels wurstfest park 

#2 son and I accepted a last minute invitation to visit wurstfest. The weather was perfect. He enjoyed many rides with a friend while the Dads enjoyed the Paulaner Fest beers and several fun polka bands.  

not a good fourteen dollar pretzel wurstfest 

wurstfest 2019 

I think that wraps up lederhosen season for this year.  

November 05, 2019

Halloween 2019, more spooky meat zombie hands

jackolantern halloween pumpkin  

#2 son likes to take on many DIY projects, Often more than time reasonably allows. He managed to do it all, carve his own pumpkin, design and construct his own costume, and he even made caramel dipped apples.  

paper bag man halloween costume 

halloween spooky meatloaf hand zombie  

Kat made her spooky zombie meatloaf hands, one beef and the other pork. We dressed up as The Contrast.

high contrast halloween costumes 

BGE smoker

This is great weather for barbecue (smoked meat). I brined a chicken overnight, and smoked it (between 250-300) for four hours. It was upright with lime gose mixed with electric jellyfish ipa inside. It was good! 

bge smoked chicken

Central District Brewing Austin ipa gold on the ceiling craft beer 

New local favorite beer is Gold on the Ceiling by Central District.

After years of wanting and yearning... I finally got my hands on a can of Juice Machine, It was all I had hoped for.  

Treehouse Juice Machine 2019 

Mostly we have all been busy with school, work and chores. It seems like I'm rushing each day from place to place. Soon enough, the holidays will have arrived and past. I see Kat's Persimmon crop is nearly ready for harvest. That surely means something.

October 28, 2019

Dallas trip misfire

We were invited to meet up with a friend in Dallas this weekend. Things didn't work out and we never did meet up. BUT we did manage to stop by Turning Point to get a few cans of recent releases.

Turning Point craft beer texas dallas bedford neipa ipa dipa 

aloft downtown dallas parade closure 

We found downtown Dallas to be filled with people and cars. We spent over half an hour trying to get to our hotel (Aloft). I finally got out and asked a policeman how can I get to Aloft. He informed me that I just could NOT get to it due to roads being closed. He advised we leave and come back after the parade. You'd think the hotel might warn people that had reservations that there was no access to the hotel, for hours. We had to leave downtown, and find a place to sit and wait. It was extremely frustrating as our evening plans were now delayed. It was ironic to find the sign above at the front desk... not very helpful when we can't even get to the hotel.

boulder and tree sidewalk uptown dallas alcove wine bar 

I found this singular, and very round boulder, snuggling to an oak tree in Uptown Dallas. There were no other boulders to be found... where did it come from? It seemed so lost and out of place.

dallas downtown aloft 

I love the way sunlight creeps in through a window, and makes new shapes and patterns on what had recently been a sleepy dark room. 

fall in the bishop arts district dallas small town feel 

We had breakfast in the Bishop Arts District. I hadn't been to this part of Dallas since the late 80's. It was a rough area and most of the businesses on this strip were boarded up back then. Now it's a thriving area with cute shops and many café and restaurants. It has such a small town feel that you won't find in other parts of Dallas where everything is shiny and new, moving at a fast pace. I'd like to go back and explore more of this area. That was the positive part of our twenty hours in Dallas. 



Old Sculpture, New Pattern

Kat preferred when it was all RED. I can't leave things alone and I like to change things.

paul schuster sculptor artist sculpture art austin 

yard art austin 78746 westlake west lake hills austin 



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