April 15, 2019

Big Beef and a few beers...

We finally bought the BIG tenderloin. We were able to get three big meals, two of which included guests.

beef tenderloin from costco 

We don't usually eat that much beef. But I do love a good tenderloin. We enjoyed a 2011 Turnbull Black label Cabernet from Oakville with our tenderloin steaks. We ate so well last week!

epic beer share 78746 

We had a beer share with friends on a windy but beautiful day. It was a great deal of fun.


BBQ daytrip to Smithville, Micklethwait

porsche 951 micklethwait smithville tx

I've been told that Micklethwait BBQ is as good as Franklin, but far less hassle. It's been available from a food truck in Austin for a couple years. They've now opened a real restaurant style location in Smithville. It took us about 45 minutes to get there.  

micklethwait bbq smithville


three meat plate at micklethwait bbq 

$17 for three generous meat portions and two sides! With tax and tip it came to just $21. It was more food than the two of us could eat. Kat had plenty left to have lunch for today.  


It was all delicious. They had free Lone Star as they don't yet have a lic. to sell. You can also BYO for now.  

restore smithville texas  

Kat and I took some time to stroll through downtown Smithville. I've heard a lot about it recently, this was our first time there. The downtown has several art galleries and antique shops. We found a juice bar and bought locally grown tomato from a farmer's market. It was a wonderful afternoon.  

April 08, 2019

The Stepdog came to visit

 goji the chin at zilker brewing

Goji was in town for the weekend. He spent an evening with us.  


We picked him up at the Zilker 4th anniversary party. Their special release, Four on the Floor, was a good beer.  

zilker four on the floor ipa 4th anniversary party 

He was so happy to be back here and the kids enjoyed spending time with him. He knew all his favorite spots. Goji ran straight to the media room and curled up with us as we watched The Good Place.  

strangeland brewery 78746 strange land ipa 

I got a tip that Strange Land Brewing (close to the house) doesn't have a current lic. to sell beer at this location. They are pouring for free. We ran up for a quick sampling.  

new bike trek 3 series 

#2 son has moved up to a larger bike. I picked it up at an estate sale. This should hold him a few years...  

pipe portraiture 

I took so many pictures of pipes this weekend. I imported and layered the images in my drawing program on my ipad, and converted to a sketch. This is for another school project.  

design 1 acc homework  

Pinthouse is my favorite place to do homework.  

March 31, 2019

Art Yams strapped down at the Contemporary

art yam ratcheting strap jones center for contemporary art austin tx

We found yams. They were all secured to kegs on casters, using ratcheting straps. This seems to be a theme here at the Contemporary as the previous exhibit also featured household items secured with ratcheting straps. It was open bar, so we didn't dwell too long on the yam of it all.  

tile smashers at the jones contemporary art austin

These two made quite a ruckus with their broken tiles....  

smashed tile at the contemporary art jones center austin 

This was the final arrangement. We all applauded. 

jones center contemporary art austin 

jones center for contemporary art member's rooftop party 

It was a fun event shared with friends.  

Goodbye Reality, He's outta here.

birthday at pluckers 

Another birthday at Plucker's! 

ps4 virtual reality headset vr 

He saved money for a long while to buy his own Virtual Reality.  

9s4 vr  

birthday cake

He hosted his own birthday party. He made the invite, planned activities and selected his cake. 

amh wingman buffalo wings 

He tasked me with providing chicken wings for the event.  

ps4 pro beat saber 

And there he goes.... he's no longer that interested in our actual Reality.  

ps4 vr party 

ps4 beat saber 

Kat and I both tried it. I'll admit, it's pretty cool


March is a great month to be born! So many fun people have birthdays in March. We attended a party for our friend Holly (far right) who was also fortunate to have arrived in March.  


(photo credit for the pic above goes to Joelle Schulze)  


March 25, 2019

Great Raft Brewing in Shreveport Louisiana with Kevin Brown

If you've ever heard me suggest there was nothing in Shreveport worth stopping for... Today is the day I backtrack on that statement. I greatly enjoyed my stop at Great Raft Brewing.

Great Raft Brewing Beer shreveport

kevin brown brewmaster great raft brewing shreveport louisiana cellarman's china  

Kevin Brown gave us a fun and informative behind the scenes tour.  

Great Raft Brewing Shreveport Louisiana 

active fermentation at Great Raft Brewing shreveport louisiana craft beer 

barrell aging beer at great raft brewing shreveport la craft beer 

great raft brewing barrell aging program craft beer 

happy troy at great raft brewing shreveport louisiana craft beer 

We were happy.  

pizza rev ghost in the machine on tap pints shreveport  

We had a great pizza and Ghost in the Machine on tap at Pizza Rev. I also enjoyed that place.  



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